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Vlad Spivak

Vlad Spivak, Founder & CEO

Vlad Spivak is the Founder and CEO of Borghese Couture Hospitality (BCH), a complete furniture turnkey solution providing contemporary, high-end, commercial-grade furniture for the hospitality industry.

For over 15 years, Spivak has been involved in the Trade Industry.  Immigrating to America from  Eastern Europe in 1991, Spivak began his career by working in a chain of small home good stores, which sold housewares and home goods in Brooklyn, NY.  These stores were initially targeted to the Eastern European community who had an immediate need for these products and services upon arrival to America.

Observing and learning the trends, Spivak then took this concept and launched an online home goods store delivering products nationwide.  Inventory for this online store was purchased in bulk and stocked at the warehouse thus immediately available for delivery.

Over time, online shopping sites became more and more popular, thus harder for Spivak’s stores to remain competitive in the marketplace.  He decided to begin designing and importing modern furniture with European designs given that he has been in a similar industry for several years.  

In 1999, Spivak launched a modern furniture company.  Initially, this furniture store was targeted to residential buyers around the country since he had built strong relationships with them over the years.  He introduced his customers to the idea of modern furniture.  He developed a distribution center to make delivery quick and convenient for his customers.  

In 2007, Spivak began designing, manufacturing and importing commercial-grade, contemporary furniture for various industries in the United States.  Spivak built strong relationships with his clients over the years.  He received several requests from his clients for customizable, commercial furniture.   The demand was so high that Spivak found himself selling containers of customized, commercial furniture to his clients all over the world.    

The majority of these clients were in the hospitality industry.  He wanted to capitalize on the trend of customizable, commercial furniture that catered to high-end hospitality establishments. 

So, in order to accommodate the hospitality industry and their customization requests, Spivak launched a separate division called MLF Couture Design, LLC for a new brand - Borghese Couture Hospitality (BCH).  In January 2013, Borghese Couture Hospitality was officially launched at the World Market Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Borghese Couture Hospitality is a turnkey solution for the hospitality industry.  Starting with six collections, designers have the option to choose a collection, and make any changes they’d like including the fabric choice and colors, tufting types, and so much more.  The options are truly endless.  

Spivak continues to remain a large supplier of modern, commercial-grade furniture to both national and international markets.  With the growing demand of furniture customization, BCH is able to fulfill these requests in a timely manner.