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Our Team

Vlad Spivak, Founder & CEO

Bertila Rodriguez – Head of Sales

Tulsi Patel – Head of Design

Vlad Spivak is the Founder and CEO of Borghese Couture Hospitality (BCH), a complete furniture turnkey solution providing contemporary, high-end, commercial-grade furniture for the hospitality industry.


Bertila Rodriguez has been with the company since September of 2008. Starting out as a sales representative for Borghese's retail/residential sister company, Modern Line Furniture, Bertila quickly rose to success. Now, as Head of Sales at BCH, Bertila has her hand in all major company changes, advancements, and future plans.


Tulsi Patel started with Borghese Couture Hospitality in early 2013 as Head Designer. As a Head of Design, she is involved in all aspects of the design process.